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Enriching Conversations

2018 Youth Financial Wellness Forum

AFIN, in partnership with the Banking Association of South Africa, invites companies and organisations that run or support programs to develop youth between the ages of 19 and 35 to participate in a financial wellness forum focused on youth. If your organisation supports a Learnership, youth education and training programs, beneficiaries from your programs will benefit from attending the conference. This conference will help youth in your organisation to shape their financial behaviour as they improve their budgeting skills, save more, borrow less, and invest in their future. .

While attending, participants will learn about the existing products and services provided by financial services institutions. They will also have an opportunity to generate “Big Ideas” around financial services that will better serve their needs.

Partner with Us

Deliver Consumer Financial Education

Financial serviced companies can have dedicated sessions to engage with consumers on how they can maximize value from the services and products they provide.

Financial Solutions Showcase

Financial services startups and small companies can apply to be part of the conference to show their products and services to the general public.

Sponsor an Engagement Point

Sponsor one of the sessions and engagement points of the conference.

Group Bookings

Organisations with learnerships, internships, and youth development programs can get discounted and exclusive access to the conference