Conversations on Money

Conversations on Money is an adult focused financial education program. Workshops consist of facilitated discussions that engage the working and middle class to encourage active engagement with their personal finances. Participants are able to ask questions, and share their thoughts on a topic


Facilitators of each of the sessions are trained experts who have partnered with AFI Network to share unbiased information and knowledge.

Each workshop covers one of the following topics

  • First time home ownership and Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Program
  • Managing finances in marriage and for your first child
  • Employment and your finances - salary, payslip, taxes, and more
  • Budgeting tools, tips and Managing Credit and the Credit Bureaus
  • Introduction to short term insurance
  • Introduction to investments and financial markets
  • Saving for retirement: Provident Fund and other retirement accounts and what next
  • Finance for non-financial managers
  • Financial management for Non Profits
  • Financial management for Small Business

These workshops are offered to private companies, NGOs, church groups, stokvels or any group up to 30 people who want to understand their finances better and grow their wealth

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