Strengthening Financial Systems

What is the Strengthening Financial Systems workshop?

Strengthening Financial Systems is a series of workshops for organisations to review their financial systems and to share their current challenges. AFIN is linking organisations throughout South Africa to industry experts to advise on how organisations can better manage their financial processes to grow the organisation sustainably.

Who in my organisation should participate?

The information is designed for the executive and board members of the organisation. In particular it is useful for senior members of the organisation responsible for finance who want to improve the financial performance of the organisation. The workshop can accommodate a maximum of three participants from each organisation.

What does it cost?

R1,500 per organisation. The workshop is for up two people per companies and organisations. Additional one on one support may be provided to participating organisations to draft a specific financial systems plan that is relevant to them.

How long are the workshops?

Each workshop is one full day from 10am to 4pm.

When is the workshop?

The workshops are run quarterly and the dates of the workshop are to be advised based on the number of interested participants. A minimum of five organisations are required per workshop.

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